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  1. Jun 25,  · The average depth of the ocean is about 12, feet (3, m). The lowest ocean depth on Earth is called the Challenger Deep and is located beneath the western Pacific Ocean in the southern end of the Mariana Trench.
  2. The average depth of the ocean is 3, meters, or 12, feet. Remotely operated vehicle Deep Discoverer surveys an interesting geological feature during the final dive of the Windows to the Deep expedition. Image courtesy of NOAA Office of Ocean .
  3. Jul 20,  · 11, Meters! That is how deep the Ocean is! For those of you that have forgotten how to convert Meters into Feet, here is the equation: (1 Meter = Feet).
  4. Oct 10,  · Today scientists know that on average the ocean is miles ( km) deep, but many parts are much shallower or deeper. To measure depth .
  5. At the bottom of the image, around 10, m is the Challenger Deep, the deepest known point on Earth, which is in the Mariana Trench, Pacific Ocean. James Cameron made a descent to the bottom of it on 26 March and filmed his experience.
  6. How deep is the ocean? How high is the sky? How high is the sky? More on Genius "How Deep Is the Ocean?" Track Info. Songs by Sinatra, Volume 1 Frank Sinatra. 1.
  7. Oct 08,  · The Earth's oceans range in depth from the surface to more than 36, feet deep. The average depth clocks in at just over 2 miles, or about 12, feet. The deepest known point is nearly 7 miles below the surface.
  8. Many deep-sea creatures cope by creating light themselves - also known as bioluminescence. Narwhals dive to this depth up to 15 times a day in search for food. The Japanese Spider Crab is the largest known crab with a maximum leg span of m.
  9. Below meters, where there is little light left, you enter the Twilight Zone. Once you pass 1, meters, the water is completely devoid of light, and you have reached the deep ocean. Down here, temperatures plummet to 39 degrees Fahrenheit, and constantly stay near freezing.

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